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Demos and anti-racing events


We often hold local demos at weekends - Please check with us for details

Tel. 07773943242 or 07572296780


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Each year an estimated 10,000 ex-racing greyhounds are 'unaccounted' for -- puppies that don’t make the grade, dogs that sustain injuries, are pregnant or unable to find homes, most are less than five years old.


Many of these dogs are disposed of in the most 'economical' way - by bolt gun.


Under existing UK legislation, any person can use a bolt gun to destroy a greyhound, if they are the legal owner. Attempted destruction of greyhounds by bolt has resulted in innocent dogs being left to suffer in agony for hours, before being found and taken to a veterinary surgery to be finally put to sleep by lethal injection.


These dogs should at the very least be entitled to a humane death. Destruction of greyhounds should only be performed by use of intravenous euthanasia, administered by qualified veterinary surgeons.


Following the controversial use of bolt guns by RSPCA inspectors a few years ago, the RSPCA requested the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) comment on their review of its 2004 euthanasia rules and guidelines. In April 2010 the RCVS announced that use of the captive bolt guns on dogs was inappropriate.


Defra have the power to end this cruel practise so we are calling on them to immediately abolish the use of captive bolt guns to destroy greyhounds in the UK.

Use of bolt gun on unwanted grehounds - please sign the pettion to abolish the use of the captive bolt gun to destroy greyhounds in the UK

Stop greyhound exports to Asia

Greyhound racing is recently being promoted in Asia where there are no laws for animal welfare and many greyhounds are being exported from around the world, including the UK. Please click here to read more and sign the petition.

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